Let me perform a little ass hypnosis.

this shit bugs me. this is like the fifth ass shaking “hooping” gif i’ve seen today. this isn’t hooping. this is you shaking your ass, holding a hoop. do a trick. dance. get lost in the hoop. 

I’ve been hooping for almost two years now. I have multiple videos and gifs and hoop every day. I was not in good health or good shape when I started my journey (as an exercise originally) This circle has given me the confidence to be comfortable with the way I look and be happy with my self which I was terribly lacking before. When I hoop the world stops and the only things that come to mind is pure bliss. If I or any other person want to celebrate by shaking their ass for a quick three second gif they are damn well entitled to do as they please. I promise you it’s not the only trick we know how to do.

Take a seat.
Or twelve.

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"Please don’t run off to be a mermaid, I don’t know how to swim!"
My precious NaDean will stop me at all costs.


- He probably just moved. Nobody stays perfectly still for their entire MRI.
- Yeah, he probably got restless, and shifted one hemisphere of his brain to a more comfortable position.

House is my second favorite character of all time.

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a public service announcement

I still don’t understand why none of my art teachers ever told us this.


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I have never related to a comic so personally before 

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i made this too lmao this has probably been reposted more times than it has notes tbh


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By: Electric Laundry 

I want this!!!

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Did he just pull out his dick and drop it on them

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